Take the Challenge!
Go for a walk, hike, run or ride in a whole new way.
The 2012 Challenge runs from July 19 - September 30

Why Take The Challenge

You want to try something new
Whether it’s taking the bus or starting on an unfamiliar trail, here is an opportunity to explore new places and discover new ways of getting there.
You want to get outside and get moving
Short walks or epic bike rides are welcome on the Challenge. Over a million acres of Bay Area parks and trails await you regardless of your ability and interests.
You want to talk to your friends
If you're not driving, you can talk, text, email, or simply enjoy the view out the window. You also won't have to deal with parking or traffic.

How it works

  1. Login or Register
  2. Find a trip or trailhead to explore.
  3. Plan your adventure using transit, biking, walking or driving.
  4. Share your story by clicking the Add a Story button on the trip or trailhead page. Tell us when you went, how you got there, and what you did!
Tips, stories, prizes and more can be found on the Transit & Trails Blog.



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